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finery1 expensive or exceptionally elaborate or showy clothing, jewelry, or the like.
finery2 a furnace in which cast iron is transformed into the more malleable wrought iron; refinery.
fines herbes a combination of herbs, such as parsley, tarragon, and chives, chopped fine and used as a seasoning for sauces, omelets, or the like.
finespun spun or drawn out to a fine thread, as fabric or glass; delicate. [2 definitions]
finesse refined and delicate skill or tact in executing a task or coping with a situation. [3 definitions]
fine-tooth comb a comb with narrow teeth set close together.
fine-tune to manipulate the controls on (a receiver) in order to get the best reception available. [2 definitions]
finger one of the five jointed members at the end of the hand, esp. ones that are not the thumb. [8 definitions]
fingerboard the portion of a violin, guitar, or other stringed instrument against which the player presses the strings.
finger bowl a small bowl of water used at the table to rinse the fingers following a meal.
fingered having a specific number or type of fingers (usu. used in combination). [2 definitions]
fingering the act of someone who fingers. [2 definitions]
fingerling a small fish, esp. a young trout or salmon.
fingernail a hard, transparent piece that grows on the end of the top of the finger.
finger painting the application of paint with the fingers, hands, or forearms, rather than with a brush, to create a picture or design. [2 definitions]
fingerprint an impression of the skin pattern in the fingertip left on an object that it has touched, esp. one made with ink and used as identification. [2 definitions]
fingertip the extreme tip of the finger.
finial a decorative element that points upward from the end or top of something, as from an arch, a piece of furniture, or a lampshade.
finical finicky.
finicky exceptionally fussy or hard to satisfy.
finis the finish; end.