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fingerprint an impression of the skin pattern in the fingertip left on an object that it has touched, esp. one made with ink and used as identification. [2 definitions]
fingertip the extreme tip of the finger.
finial a decorative element that points upward from the end or top of something, as from an arch, a piece of furniture, or a lampshade.
finical finicky.
finicky exceptionally fussy or hard to satisfy.
finis the finish; end.
finish to reach or cause the end of; complete. [11 definitions]
finished completed; ended. [4 definitions]
finishing nail a thin nail with a very small, cupped head, used for finishing work in carpentry.
finishing school a private school at the secondary or junior college level for the training of young women, esp. in the social graces and accomplishments appropriate to polite society.
finish line a line or other marker indicating the end of a race.
finite limited in number, quantity, or duration; capable of being measured. (Cf. infinite.) [3 definitions]
finitude the quality or state of being finite.
Finland a Scandinavian country between Russia and Sweden.
Finn a native or citizen of Finland, or a descendant thereof. [2 definitions]
finnan haddie smoked haddock.
Finnic of or belonging to the group of languages that includes Finnish, Estonian, and Lapp. [2 definitions]
Finnish the main language of Finland. [2 definitions]
Finno- Finnish.
Finno-Ugric a subfamily of the Uralic family of languages including Finnish, Hungarian, and Estonian, spoken in eastern Europe, western Siberia, and the Ural mountains. [2 definitions]
finny possessing or resembling a fin or fins. [2 definitions]