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fire opal an opal having vibrant red, yellow, or orange flares of color.
fireplace an indoor recess in a chimney, in which fires can be made; hearth. [2 definitions]
fireplug a large terminal water pipe that protrudes from the ground, to which hoses can be connected for fighting fires; fire hydrant.
firepower the capability of a weapon, group of soldiers, ship, or the like to deliver fire. [2 definitions]
fireproof difficult or impossible to damage or destroy with fire. [2 definitions]
fire-resistant difficult to burn.
fire sale a sale at reduced prices of goods presumably damaged by or during a fire.
fire service see "fire brigade."
fireside the area adjacent to a fireplace. [2 definitions]
fire station a building in which firefighting equipment and trucks are kept and at which firefighters are housed or on duty.
firestorm an intense, widespread fire, caused by heavy conventional bombing or by an atomic explosion. [2 definitions]
fire tower a high towerlike structure, usu. in a forest, from which a lookout keeps watch to detect and report fires.
firetrap a building that is at high risk of catching fire and is esp. dangerous in case of fire.
fire truck see "fire engine."
fire up to get (something) burning, heating, or cooking. [2 definitions]
fire wall a wall of fireproof material intended to prevent the spread of fire, as from one part of a building to another. [2 definitions]
firewater (informal) alcoholic beverages, esp. whiskey.
fireweed any of various wild plants that grow easily in clearings caused by fire, such as willow herb.
firewood wood for cooking or heating.
fireworks (sometimes used with a sing. verb) devices that burn or explode to produce noise, bright light, or a brilliant display of colors. [3 definitions]
firing line the line or set of positions from which troops fire at an enemy or targets. [3 definitions]