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first aid emergency medical treatment for injury or sudden illness, administered before regular medical care or more thorough treatment can be obtained.
first-aid kit a kit containing supplies for administering emergency treatment of injuries, poisoning, or sudden illness. It generally contains such things as bandages, antiseptics, and painkillers.
first base in counterclockwise order from home plate, the first of three bases marking the infield of a baseball diamond. [2 definitions]
first baseman in baseball, the player whose position is at first base when the other team is batting and whose primary function is to defend that base.
firstborn born before any other child or offspring of a parent or parents. [2 definitions]
first cause a primary or original source, independent of, and not caused by, anything else. [2 definitions]
first class the best, finest, or highest in quality, class, grade, or rank. [3 definitions]
first-class of the highest in quality, rank, or grade; foremost; best. [4 definitions]
first cousin the offspring of one's uncle or aunt.
first-degree of or concerning the lowest or first level in a series of levels or intensities. [2 definitions]
first-degree burn the level of burn that produces pain, heat, and reddening of the skin but no blistering or charring.
first-degree murder a premeditated murder, carried out with deliberate intention to kill.
first finger the finger next to the thumb; forefinger; index finger.
first floor in American English, the ground floor. In British English, the floor above the ground floor.
first-generation denoting a person who is a naturalized citizen of a nation, having immigrated from another country. [2 definitions]
firsthand from the original source; directly. [2 definitions]
first lady (often cap.) the wife or official hostess of a chief executive, esp. of the U.S. president. [2 definitions]
first lieutenant a commissioned officer of the U.S. Army, Air Force, or Marines, ranking below a captain and above a second lieutenant.
first light the beginning of daylight; daybreak; dawn.
firstling the first of its kind, such as the first fruits of a season. [2 definitions]
firstly to start with; first.