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first strike a surprise offensive attack using nuclear weapons, intended to eliminate an enemy's ability to strike back.
first-string of, pertaining to, or being a principal member or members of a team.
first water the highest degree of fineness or purity in a diamond or pearl. [2 definitions]
firth in Scotland, a very long, narrow inlet of the ocean; fjord.
fiscal pertaining to public or governmental finances. [2 definitions]
fiscal year an accounting period that covers any twelve consecutive months, at the end of which the books are closed and profit or loss is determined.
fish any of various cold-blooded vertebrates that live in water, have gills, fins, and a tail, and move by swimming. [7 definitions]
fishable combined form of fish.
fish and chips fried, usu. batter-coated fillets of fish and French-fried potatoes.
fishbowl a clear glass or plastic bowl or other small container designed to hold pet fish. [2 definitions]
fisher one who fishes; fisherman or fisherwoman. [3 definitions]
fisherman a person who catches fish either as a sport or as a means of income.
fisher spider any of a family of nursery-web spiders that have the ability to skate across and dive beneath the surface of water, also called a dock spider.
fishery the business or industry of catching, processing, or selling fish and other seafood. [3 definitions]
fisheye lens a wide-angle camera lens that covers a full 180 degrees, producing images characterized by peripheral distortion and dramatically foreshortened perspective.
fish hawk the osprey.
fishhook a metal hook with a barb and sharp tip, used to catch fish.
fishing the act of one who fishes. [2 definitions]
fishing pole any long slender pole with a line and a hook attached to one end that is used to catch fish.
fishing rod a long thin flexible rod, usu. equipped with a reel as well as a line and hook, that is used in catching fish.
fishing tackle various equipment such as rods, line, reels, lures, and hooks used in fishing.