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fistula a canal or passage created as a result of a wound, abscess, or the like that opens on the surface of the body or connects two cavities. [2 definitions]
fit1 suitable or acceptable for a particular person or group, or for a particular function; appropriate; right. [11 definitions]
fit2 a sudden, severe attack, outbreak, or convulsion related to a disease. [2 definitions]
fit as a fiddle in excellent health or condition.
fitful occurring at irregular intervals.
fit in to feel a sense of belonging.
fitness suitability. [4 definitions]
fitness ball a large, bouncy ball used in exercise programs or physical therapy to increase muscle control, strength, and flexibility.
fitted made to conform closely to a particular shape.
fitter someone or something that fits. [3 definitions]
fitting appropriate; proper; suitable. [4 definitions]
five the number represented by the Arabic numeral 5 and the Roman numeral V. [3 definitions]
five-and-ten a retail store that sells a wide variety of inexpensive consumer goods; dime store.
fivefold having five parts or elements. [3 definitions]
five o'clock shadow (informal) the later appearance of new beard growth on a man's face, even though he has shaved in the morning.
five-star having a rating of five stars out of five, conventionally the highest rating a hotel, restaurant, or the like receives from professional critics.
fix to make stable or steady; fasten securely. [13 definitions]
fixable combined form of fix.
fixate to make stable or stationary; fix. [5 definitions]
fixation the act or procedure of making fast or stabilizing. [3 definitions]
fixative acting to make stable or permanent. [2 definitions]