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fixative acting to make stable or permanent. [2 definitions]
fixed firmly placed or fastened; unmoving; stationary. [5 definitions]
fixed charge any business expense or tax due, usu. periodically, that is set at an unvarying rate or amount.
fixed oil a nonvolatile oil obtained from animal or vegetable sources, such as lard or olive oil.
fixed star any star that appears to be in a fixed position relative to other stars.
fixed-wing of or designating an aircraft that has wings rigidly attached to the fuselage, as contrasted to a helicopter or a craft with movable wings.
fixing (pl., informal) that which habitually accompanies something, esp. food; trimmings. [2 definitions]
fix-it (informal) of or pertaining to the repairing of things.
fixity the state or nature of that which is stable or immovable. [2 definitions]
fixture something fixed into place as a permanent part or appendage. [2 definitions]
fix up to improve the appearance or condition of (a house or room) through repairs, cleaning, decoration, and the like. [4 definitions]
fizz to emit a sputtering or hissing sound, as of bubbles escaping from a liquid. [4 definitions]
fizzle to hiss or sputter, esp. if the sound slowly fades. [4 definitions]
fizzy full of or as if full of gas bubbles; effervescent; bubbly.
fjord a long, narrow ocean inlet that passes between high and rocky banks or steep cliffs.
FL abbreviation of "Florida," a state in the southeastern tip of the United States.
fl. abbreviation of "fluid."
flab sagging flesh, esp. as caused by obesity.
flabbergast (informal) to cause to be astonished or astounded; amaze.
flabby not firm; soft; flaccid. [2 definitions]
flaccid without firmness; soft; flabby.