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flagpole a pole designed to hold a flag or flags for display; flagstaff.
flagrant exceptionally or glaringly noticeable. [2 definitions]
flagrante delicto (Latin) while the crime is blazing; while the crime is going on; red-handed. [2 definitions]
flagship in a group of naval vessels, the ship in which the commanding officer is stationed, or the principal one of any group of ships. [2 definitions]
flagstaff a pole designed to hold a flag or flags for display; flagpole.
flagstone a type of broad, flat stone used for covering surfaces such as a patio; flag.
flag stop a place where a commercial passenger vehicle stops only if signaled, or stops to let off passengers.
flag-waving excessive or ostentatious display of or appeal to patriotism.
flail a manual implement used to thresh grain, consisting of a long handle with a short, freely moving bar attached at one end. [6 definitions]
flair an innate ability; knack. [2 definitions]
flak antiaircraft fire, esp. the bursting shells of such fire. [2 definitions]
flake a thin fragment, esp. one that has split off or peeled off from a surface. [7 definitions]
flake out (slang) to fall asleep.
flaky1 consisting of or like flakes. [3 definitions]
flaky2 (slang) eccentric; erratic; odd.
flambé of food, covered with brandy or other liquor and ignited before serving.
flambeau a lit torch. [2 definitions]
flamboyance exceptional showiness and daring in manner, appearance, or speech.
flamboyant exceptionally showy or dashing in one's speech, manner, or appearance. [3 definitions]
flame the ignited gas and vapor that rises from a burning object and is visible as brightly colored, wavering light. [9 definitions]
flamenco of, pertaining to, or resembling the dance or music of Spanish gypsies. [2 definitions]