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flank the part of a human or animal between the hip and the ribs on either side of the body. [5 definitions]
flanker someone or something that flanks. [2 definitions]
flannel a soft, heavy fabric made of wool, cotton, synthetics, or a blend of these, used esp. for warm clothing or bed covering. [2 definitions]
flannelette a soft cotton fabric used esp. for underwear and clothes for babies.
flap to move the arms, wings, or the like rapidly up and down. [7 definitions]
flap-doodle (informal) foolishness; nonsense.
flapjack a flat cake made by frying batter in a small amount of butter or other fat; pancake; griddlecake.
flapper something that flaps. [3 definitions]
flare to blaze or burn brightly, esp. suddenly (often fol. by "up"). [8 definitions]
flare-up a sudden eruption of light or fire. [3 definitions]
flare up to suddenly burst forth in anger.
flaring of a flame, increasing suddenly and briefly in intensity. [2 definitions]
flash a sudden, brilliant light that vanishes almost instantly. [17 definitions]
flashback a past event that interrupts the forward action of a play, movie, novel, or the like. [2 definitions]
flashbulb an electric bulb that gives a brief flash of very bright light when ignited, used to illuminate a subject while a photograph is taken.
flash burn damage to body tissue from extreme radiated heat, esp. from a nuclear explosion.
flashcard any of a set of cards bearing words, numbers, or pictures, flashed briefly before a student or class to prompt a quick response in a drill.
flashcube a small, disposable cube with four flashbulbs that attaches to a camera and is automatically turned after each picture is taken.
flasher a mechanism that causes an electric light to go on and off automatically. [2 definitions]
flash flood a sudden and violent flood following an esp. heavy rainfall.
flashing sheet metal or other material used to reinforce and weatherproof building joints.