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flatware relatively flat tableware, such as plates and saucers. [2 definitions]
flatwork laundry that can be pressed in a mangle, such as sheets or tablecloths.
flatworm any of various worms, such as tapeworms, that are bilaterally symmetrical and have soft, unsegmented, usu. flattened bodies.
flaunt to display ostentatiously; show off. [3 definitions]
flautist one who plays the flute; flutist.
flavin a compound that is the source of various yellow pigments found in plant and animal tissues. [2 definitions]
flavone a colorless, sometimes crystalline compound, found in plants or produced synthetically, from which a number of derivatives are obtained that are used in yellow dyes. [2 definitions]
flavor the quality perceived by the sense of taste. [4 definitions]
flavorful rich in flavor; savory; tasty.
flavoring a substance that imparts a distinct flavor.
flavorless combined form of flavor.
flavour a spelling of "flavor" used in Canada and Britain. See "flavor."
flaw1 a defect or fault; imperfection. [5 definitions]
flaw2 a sudden burst of wind; gust. [2 definitions]
flax any of several related plants with slender stems, bearing tiny blue flowers as well as seeds which can be eaten and from which linseed oil is pressed. [2 definitions]
flaxen pertaining to, made of, or resembling flax. [2 definitions]
flaxseed the seed of flax, from which linseed oil is made.
flaxy like flax in texture.
flay to strip off the skin of, as by whipping or the like. [3 definitions]
F layer the highest zone of the ionosphere, between 120 and 250 miles above the earth.
flea any of an order of tiny wingless insects that move by jumping, and feed by sucking the blood of warm-blooded animals. [2 definitions]