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fleece the wool of a sheep or other animal, esp. the total yield of wool at one shearing. [7 definitions]
fleecy of, made of, covered with, or like fleece.
fleer1 to sneer, snicker, or laugh mockingly; mock. [2 definitions]
fleer2 one that flees.
fleet1 a group of naval ships under one command or grouped for one purpose. [3 definitions]
fleet2 swift and nimble. [5 definitions]
fleet admiral the highest rank for a U.S. naval officer, created and conferred only during World War II.
fleeting passing or disappearing quickly; transient; ephemeral.
Fleet Street the journalism establishment in London, England, so called after the street on which many newspaper offices are located.
Fleming a native of Flanders, or a descendant thereof. [2 definitions]
Flemish of or pertaining to Flanders or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
flense to strip (blubber or skin), or to strip (a whale or seal) of blubber or skin.
flesh the soft tissue beneath the skin and surrounding the bones of an animal or human body, including muscle and fat. [9 definitions]
flesh-colored having the color of human skin, often a Caucasian's skin.
flesh fly any of various flies that deposit their eggs or larvae in dead or living animal flesh.
fleshly relating to the physical body; physical. [2 definitions]
fleshpot (usu. pl.) a place that offers physical, usu. carnal, pleasures.
flesh wound a wound that does not damage vital organs or bones.
fleshy having an abundance of flesh or fat. [2 definitions]
fleur-de-lis an iris. [2 definitions]
flew a past tense of fly1.