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flip1 to toss sharply so as to cause to turn over or spin. [9 definitions]
flip2 a mixed drink made with an alcoholic beverage, sugar, and beaten eggs.
flip3 (informal) disrespectful; discourteous. [2 definitions]
flip-flop a sudden reversal or change of mind, allegiance, or the like. [7 definitions]
flip one's lid (slang) to lose control of oneself.
flip one's wig (slang) to lose control of oneself.
flippant disrespectful or indifferent to someone or something worthy of respect; shallowly humorous.
flipper a wide, flat limb such as on a whale, sea turtle, sea lion, or other aquatic animal, used esp. for swimming. [3 definitions]
flip side (informal) the opposite, usu. less important, side of a phonograph record. [2 definitions]
flirt to act in a romantically or sexually enticing manner without serious intention; play at love. [6 definitions]
flirtation the act or practice of flirting. [2 definitions]
flirtatious inclined to flirt. [2 definitions]
flit to fly or dart quickly and lightly; flutter. [3 definitions]
flitch a salted and cured side of a hog; side of bacon. [4 definitions]
flitter to flutter.
float to rest, stay, or drift on the surface of a liquid or in the midst of a gas such as air without sinking. [14 definitions]
floater a person or thing that floats. [4 definitions]
floating buoyed or suspended on water, air, or the like; afloat. [5 definitions]
floating dock a structure that can be submerged, placed under a ship, and then raised so that the ship can be floated out of water, as for repairs.
floating island a dessert of soft custard having whipped cream or meringue floating atop it. [2 definitions]
floating rib any rib, such as the two lower pairs in humans, that is not attached to other ribs or the breastbone.