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flop to fall down or over in a limp or heavy manner. [8 definitions]
flophouse (informal) a cheap, shabby hotel or rooming house.
floppy loosely hanging or flapping; softy flexible. [2 definitions]
floppy disk a thin flexible plastic disk with a magnetic coating, on which computer information can be stored; diskette; floppy.
flora plants collectively, esp. those of a particular area, period, or environment. (Cf. fauna.) [2 definitions]
floral of, concerning, or composed of flowers.
florescence the act, state, or time of blossoming; bloom.
floret a small flower, esp. one of several making up a composite flower.
floribunda any of various hybrid roses that bear abundant clusters of flowers.
floriculture the cultivation of flowers and flowering plants, esp. for sale, as in a commercial greenhouse.
florid of the skin, red or ruddy in color. [2 definitions]
Florida a state in the southeastern tip of the United States. (abbr.: FL)
floriferous bearing flowers in profusion.
florin any of several gold or silver coins formerly in circulation in Europe and South Africa. [3 definitions]
florist one whose profession is keeping, arranging, or growing flowers and ornamental plants in order to sell them.
floristic of or pertaining to flowers or plants, or their distribution in a region.
floss silky thread with little twist used esp. in embroidery work. [5 definitions]
flossy made of or similar to floss.
flotation the act or condition of floating. [3 definitions]
flotilla a fleet of boats or small ships. [2 definitions]
flotsam floating wreckage and cargo of a ship that has sunk. (See "jetsam.") [2 definitions]