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flux a flow or flowing in, as of the tide. [9 definitions]
fly1 to move through the air by means of wings. [12 definitions]
fly2 any of a variety of small, winged insects, esp. the common housefly. [3 definitions]
fly3 (slang) cool, appealing, or attractive.
flyable ready or able to be flown.
fly agaric a poisonous mushroom with an orange or reddish cap and white gills.
fly ash fine, often airborne particles of ash derived from the burning of solid fuel and recognized as a factor in air pollution. [2 definitions]
fly ball in baseball, a batted ball that rises high in the air; fly. (Cf. ground ball.)
flyblown covered or contaminated with blowfly eggs or larvae. [2 definitions]
flyby a flight over or close to a designated point, area, or target by an aircraft or spacecraft for the purpose of making aerial observations.
fly-by-night irresponsible or unreliable, esp. in business dealings. [4 definitions]
fly-cast to fish by casting an artificial fly, attached to a light leader, which is in turn attached to a heavy line, with a lightweight, flexible rod.
fly casting the act, technique, or sport of fishing by casting a heavy line, from a lightweight flexible rod, to which an artificial fly has been attached by means of a light leader.
flycatcher any of various related European or American birds that feed on insects caught in the air.
flyer variant of flier.
fly-fishing a method of fishing that involves casting with a rod and and using an artifical fly as bait.
flying being able to fly or seeming to fly. [6 definitions]
flying boat a large floating seaplane with a hull-shaped body.
flying bridge a small, often open platform over the pilothouse or bridge of a ship, that is equipped with a duplicate set of controls.
flying buttress a segmental arch that transmits outward and downward pressure from the upper side wall of a building to a solid buttress on the ground.
flying colors outstanding success; excellent fashion; triumph.