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flying colors outstanding success; excellent fashion; triumph.
flying field an airfield for small planes.
flying fish any of several related marine fishes with stiff, enlarged pectoral or pelvic fins that enable them to glide in the air after leaping from the water.
flying fox any of various fruit-eating bats found in tropical regions of Australia, Africa, and Asia, whose head resembles that of a fox.
flying frog any of several tree frogs of southeastern Asia having an expanse of webbing between the toes that allows them to make long gliding leaps.
flying gunnard any of several mostly tropical marine fishes with colorful winglike pectoral fins that enable them to glide above the water for short distances.
flying jib a small, light, triangular sail mounted out beyond the jib, usu. on an extension of the jib boom.
flying saucer any of various bright disk-shaped objects occasionally seen hovering or flying at high altitudes, often presumed to be spacecraft from another world; UFO.
flying squirrel a squirrel with winglike membranes connecting the forelegs to the hind legs, that enable it to make long gliding leaps through the air.
flying start a quick start or beginning, as in a race, project, or the like. [2 definitions]
fly in the face of to defy (authority, convention, or the like).
flyleaf the blank sheet or leaf in the front or back of a book.
fly off the handle to become suddenly enraged.
flypaper paper with a sticky, sometimes poisonous coating, often hung in narrow strips from the ceiling, to catch and kill flies.
flyspeck a small spot or speck made by a fly's excrement. [3 definitions]
fly swatter a device for killing insects, particularly flies, consisting of a flat rectangular mesh attached to a long handle.
fly the coop (informal) to escape from or as if from confinement.
flytrap a plant that traps insects, such as the Venus flytrap.
flyway a specific air route taken regularly by birds on their semiannual migrations to and from their breeding grounds.
flyweight a boxer who weighs 112 pounds or less and thus qualifies to compete in the lightest official weight class.
flywheel a heavy-rimmed wheel that rotates on a shaft and with its momentum serves to minimize variation in the speed of machinery connected to the shaft.