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forebode to foretell the likelihood of or be an omen of. [4 definitions]
foreboding a strong feeling or a portent, usu. that something bad is going to happen. [2 definitions]
forebrain the anterior of the three divisions of the brain of a vertebrate embryo; prosencephalon. [2 definitions]
forecast to state as likely or certain to happen; predict. [4 definitions]
forecastable combined form of forecast.
forecaster a person who forecasts what is likely to happen in the future, esp. one who predicts the weather.
forecastle the section of the upper deck of a ship at the bow or in front of the foremast. [3 definitions]
forecheck in hockey, to check (an opposing player) in the vicinity of the opponent's goal. (Cf. backcheck.)
foreclose to take away the right to redeem (a mortgage) or to take that right away from (the mortgagor), esp. for failure to make timely payments. [4 definitions]
foreclosure the act, usu. by a legal proceeding, of foreclosing.
forecourt in basketball, the half of the court in which a team is attempting to score. (Cf. backcourt.) [3 definitions]
foredeck the forward part of a ship's main deck.
foredoom to doom beforehand.
forefather an ancestor. [2 definitions]
forefinger the finger next to the thumb; index finger.
forefoot one of the front feet of an animal having four or more legs. [2 definitions]
forefront the foremost position or portion. [2 definitions]
foregather variant of forgather.
forego1 to go before; precede.
forego2 variant of forgo.
foregoing occurring or appearing just before; preceding; previous.