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force of nature in physics, any one of the fundamental forces that occur in nature, including electromagnetic force, weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force, and gravitational force. [3 definitions]
force-out a baseball play in which a runner in forced out at the next base following the hitting of a fair ball by a teammate.
forceps a pair of tongs or pincers used in medical procedures, as to grasp and extract tissue or foreign bodies during surgery.
force pump a pump with a valveless plunger, used to raise the level of a liquid or convey it through a pipe by the application of pressure.
for certain unquestionably; positively.
forcible achieved through force or violence. [3 definitions]
ford a shallow stretch in a river or other body of water that can be crossed without a boat or raft. [2 definitions]
fordable combined form of ford.
'fore contracted form of "before".
fore1 at, near, or toward the front. [4 definitions]
fore2 in golf, used as a warning to alert those who may be in the path of a golf ball that is about to be driven.
fore- before. [2 definitions]
fore-and-aft located along or parallel to a line from the bow to the stern of a ship or boat; lengthwise. [2 definitions]
forearm1 the lower arm in humans, between the elbow and wrist. [2 definitions]
forearm2 to arm or prepare beforehand.
forebear an ancestor or forefather.
forebode to foretell the likelihood of or be an omen of. [4 definitions]
foreboding a strong feeling or a portent, usu. that something bad is going to happen. [2 definitions]
forebrain the anterior of the three divisions of the brain of a vertebrate embryo; prosencephalon. [2 definitions]
forecast to predict (weather conditions). [4 definitions]
forecastable combined form of forecast.