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foredoom to doom beforehand.
forefather an ancestor. [2 definitions]
forefinger the finger next to the thumb; index finger.
forefoot one of the front feet of an animal having four or more legs. [2 definitions]
forefront the foremost position or portion. [2 definitions]
foregather variant of forgather.
forego1 to go before; precede.
forego2 variant of forgo.
foregoing occurring or appearing just before; preceding; previous.
foregone having gone before; previous. [2 definitions]
foreground the part of something, such as a painting or photo, that is or appears to be nearest the viewer. (Cf. background.) [2 definitions]
forehand of a stroke in tennis or the like, performed with the palm facing forward. [4 definitions]
forehanded providing for future events or needs; prudent; foresighted. [3 definitions]
forehead the part of the human face above the eyes and below the typical hairline; brow. [2 definitions]
foreign in, from, characteristic of, or involving a country that is not one's own. [4 definitions]
foreign-born born in a country other than the one in which one resides; nonnative.
foreigner a person born who is born in or comes from a foreign country.
foreign exchange international monetary transaction, as between governments or businesses of different countries. [2 definitions]
foreign minister a cabinet member who supervises and conducts foreign affairs.
foreign office in some nations, the government department officially concerned with foreign policy.
foreknow to know before the existence or occurrence of.