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forewarn to give advance warning to.
forewing either of the forward wings of an insect having four wings; anterior wing.
foreword a preliminary statement or introduction to a written text, such as a book; preface.
for example as an example or examples.
forfeit something demanded or given up as a penalty for neglect, misdeeds, or other failure to act as required by law, contract, or rules. [6 definitions]
forfeitable combined form of forfeit.
forfeiture the act of forfeiting. [2 definitions]
for free for no money; at no cost.
forgather to gather together; convene. [3 definitions]
forgave past tense of forgive.
forge1 a furnace or hearth where metal is heated to be worked or shaped. [7 definitions]
forge2 to move ahead gradually but with determination. [2 definitions]
forger one who forges checks, documents, or the like. [3 definitions]
forgery the act of forging, esp. something fraudulently imitated. [2 definitions]
forget to fail or lose the ability to recall. [10 definitions]
forgetful tending to forget. [2 definitions]
forget-me-not any of several low-growing plants with clusters of small, blue flowers, considered to be a token of constancy in friendship or love.
forget oneself to fail to act in a conventional, dignified, or self-controlled manner.
forgive to excuse or pardon (an offense or offender). [4 definitions]
forgiven past participle of forgive.
forgiveness the act of forgiving. [3 definitions]