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fortunate having good fortune; lucky; blessed. [2 definitions]
fortunately by fortunate chance; luckily; fortuitously.
fortune one's wealth, esp. extensive wealth. [4 definitions]
fortune cookie a hollow Chinese cookie made from a folded circle of thin dough, containing a slip of paper with a proverb, prediction, or the like.
fortune hunter one whose goal is to be rich, esp. by befriending or marrying a rich person.
fortuneteller one who professes the ability to predict people's destinies or other future events, esp. one who does this for money.
forty the number represented by the Arabic numeral 40 and by the Roman numeral XL. [5 definitions]
forty-five a forty-five caliber pistol or revolver, or a cartridge of .45 inches in diameter to be used in such a gun. [3 definitions]
forty-niner one who joined the California gold rush in 1849.
forty winks (informal) a brief nap.
forum the central place in ancient Roman cities for the conduct of public and business affairs and for public assembly. [4 definitions]
forward at or toward a place or time beyond; further on; ahead. [13 definitions]
forwardness lack of modesty or humility in dealing with others; presumptuousness. [3 definitions]
forward pass a football pass made from behind the line of scrimmage to a player who is closer to the other team's goal.
forwent past tense of forgo.
fossa in anatomy, a pit, cavity, or depression.
fosse a ditch, esp. one used as a fortification.
fossil the remains or trace of a living organism from an earlier geologic age, embedded in earth or rock. [3 definitions]
fossil fuel any carbon-containing fuel formed from the remains of prehistoric plants and animals, such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas.
fossiliferous composed of or containing fossils.
fossilize to make into a fossil by replacing organic matter with mineral substances. [3 definitions]