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fossilize to make into a fossil by replacing organic matter with mineral substances. [3 definitions]
foster to encourage and aid the growth or development of. [4 definitions]
foster home a home in which a child is cared for by someone other than his or her natural or adoptive parents.
fosterling a child to whom parental care is given by someone not related to him or her by law or heredity; foster child.
fouetté (French) in ballet, a move in which the dancer stands on point on one leg and kicks the other leg outward and back to the body, thereby spinning the entire body around.
fought past tense and past participle of fight.
foul extremely offensive to the senses, esp. of smell and taste, or permeated by something, such as an odor, that is offensive to the senses. [21 definitions]
foulard a soft, thin, woven or twill fabric of silk, rayon, or cotton, usu. with a small print design. [2 definitions]
foul ball in baseball, a batted ball that does not remain within the foul lines.
foul line in baseball, either of the lines extending from home plate through first and third bases to the limits of the outfield. [3 definitions]
foulmouthed using obscene or vulgarly abusive language, esp. habitually.
foul out of a baseball player, to be put out because of hitting a ball outside the foul lines that is caught before it touches the ground. [2 definitions]
foul play treacherous action, esp. violence against a person or persons.
foul shot see "free throw."
foul tip in baseball, a pitched ball that is barely tipped by the bat and is either caught by the catcher or deflected into the foul zone.
foul-up (informal) confusion or breakdown caused by human error or mismanagement, or by mechanical failure. [2 definitions]
foul up (informal) to bungle or make serious mistakes, or cause someone else to do so. [2 definitions]
found1 past tense and past participle of find.
found2 to set up or create; establish. [3 definitions]
found3 to melt and pour (metal or glass) into a mold. [2 definitions]
foundation the base or basis of something such as a process, substance, structure, or opinion. [4 definitions]