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fraternal of, related to, or like a brother or brothers. [2 definitions]
fraternal twin either of a pair of twins who develop from two zygotes, or fertilized eggs.
fraternity a social organization of male college students which usu. has a name composed of Greek letters, and which has a strict selection and initiation procedure. (Cf. sorority.) [4 definitions]
fraternize to relate or associate in a friendly or brotherly way (often fol. by "with"). [2 definitions]
fratricide the killing of a brother by his sibling. [2 definitions]
Frau (German) a woman, esp. a married woman (used as a form of address).
fraud deliberate deception or trickery used for unfair or illegal advantage. [3 definitions]
fraudulent characterized by or based on the use of deceit or trickery. [2 definitions]
fraught accompanied by; full of, usually something bad or unpleasant (usu. fol. by "with"). [2 definitions]
Fräulein (German) a young woman, esp. an unmarried woman (used as a form of address).
fraxinella see "dittany."
fray1 a noisy dispute or conflict; brawl or battle.
fray2 to wear or rub thin or threadbare. [4 definitions]
frazzle (informal) to tire out; exhaust one's body or nerves. [3 definitions]
freak1 something exhibiting aberration or abnormality, esp. a human or animal with some extraordinary physical defect or malformation. [4 definitions]
freak2 to dot or streak with color. [2 definitions]
freak out (informal) to totally lose control of one's emotions, esp. in anger or distress. [2 definitions]
freak show (old-fashioned) a sideshow of humans, animals, or plants that exhibit physical abnormalities, as at a carnival.
freaky unusual or strange; freakish. [2 definitions]
freckle a light brown dot or mark of pigmentation in the skin, often brought out by exposure to sunlight. [3 definitions]
Frederick Douglass U.S. abolitionist and orator, who served as an adviser to President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War (b. 1818--d. 1895).