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free and easy casual and unconstrained.
free-associate to participate in free association.
free association a psychoanalytic technique for discovering repressed thoughts and emotions, in which the patient talks spontaneously about whatever comes to mind. [2 definitions]
freebase a refined form of cocaine for smoking. [2 definitions]
freebie (informal) something given or received free, such as a theater ticket.
freeboard the distance on a cargo ship between the water line and the highest watertight deck or the upper edge of the side of the hull. [2 definitions]
freebooter one who plunders, esp. at sea; pirate.
freeborn born free rather than in slavery or captivity. [2 definitions]
free city a city having its own sovereign government under international control.
freedman one who has been released from slavery.
freedom liberty from imprisonment or enslavement. [9 definitions]
freedom fighter a person who participates in armed rebellion against an established government, with the expressed aim of freeing the people from oppression.
freedom of the press the right to publish newspapers, magazines, books, and the like without governmental interference or censorship.
free enterprise the notion that a capitalist economy does not require government support or intervention, but can regulate itself through the relationships of supply and demand in a freely competitive market.
free-fall the unconstrained fall of a body within a gravitational field. [2 definitions]
free-fire zone a military area in which anyone or anything can be shot or bombed.
free flight the flight or any part a flight, as of an airplane or rocket, that occurs without a means of propulsion.
freefloating lacking a connection, commitment, or focus, esp. with respect to a doctrine, party, or cause. [3 definitions]
free-for-all a quarrel, fight, or competition with no restrictions on participation or rules of conduct.
free-form having an irregular, often curvilinear contour or shape, esp. in graphic design or abstract art. [2 definitions]
free gold gold of the U.S. treasury whose use is not restricted to the redemption of gold certificates. [2 definitions]