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friary a monastery or brotherhood of friars.
fricandeau a veal loin that has been larded and braised or roasted.
fricassee lightly browned poultry or meat that is stewed and served in gravy. [2 definitions]
fricative in phonetics, pronounced with a rush of air through a narrow slit or passage formed within the mouth. [2 definitions]
friction the rubbing of surfaces against each other. [3 definitions]
frictional of, pertaining to, or caused by friction.
friction clutch a clutch in which the coaxial shafts are engaged through frictional contact.
frictionless combined form of friction.
friction match a match that lights by friction or rubbing.
friction tape a sturdy cloth or plastic adhesive tape that is moisture-resistant and is used esp. to insulate electrical wires.
Friday the sixth day of the week, occurring between Thursday and Saturday. [2 definitions]
Fridays on Fridays; each Friday; every Friday.
fridge (informal) a refrigerator, a device for storing things at cold temperatures, esp. food.
fried cooked in oil, butter, or some other fat. [2 definitions]
friedcake a small cake, such as a doughnut or cruller, cooked in deep fat.
Friedrich Engels a German political theorist and writer (b.1820--d.1895).
friend one closely attached to another by affection and esteem. [5 definitions]
friendless combined form of friend.
friendly sociable and lacking hostility. [5 definitions]
friendship the state or condition of being friends. [2 definitions]
frier variant of fryer.