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Frisbee trademark for a thin, saucer-shaped plastic disc that is thrown and sails through the air in simple outdoor games.
Frisco (informal) San Francisco.
frisť a thick upholstery or rug fabric having a pile of uncut loops or a patterned combination of cut and uncut loops.
frisk to leap or skip in a lively and happy manner; frolic (often fol. by "about"). [3 definitions]
frisky lively and playful.
frisson an intense sensation of excitement or fear that comes on suddenly; thrill.
frit in ceramics and glassmaking, any of several partly fused mixtures used in making porcelain, glazes, and the like. [2 definitions]
frit fly any of several small flies whose larvae are destructive to grain.
frith a firth.
fritillary any of a number of perennial bulbous plants of the lily family that have bell-shaped flowers. [2 definitions]
frittata an omelet in which the eggs are mixed with vegetables, meat, or other ingredients before cooking.
fritter1 to waste or squander by degrees (usu. fol. by "away"). [3 definitions]
fritter2 a piece of fried dough, often containing bits of fruit, vegetables, meat, or fish, and shaped into a small cake.
frivolity the quality or condition of being frivolous. [2 definitions]
frivolous unworthy of serious consideration or merit; trivial or silly. [2 definitions]
frizz of hair, to form or be formed into tight little curls or tufts. [3 definitions]
frizzle to form into small, tight curls. [2 definitions]
frizzly frizzy.
frizzy formed into or covered with small tight curls.
fro away or back (used chiefly in the phrase "to and fro").
frock a dress for a woman or girl. [4 definitions]