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frontal lobe the part of the brain that is covered by the frontal bone.
front burner (informal) the state of top priority or principal consideration (usu. prec. by on the).
frontier a border between two countries, or the area close on either side. [3 definitions]
frontiersman a man who lives on or near a frontier.
frontispiece an illustration facing or preceding the title page of a book.
frontless combined form of front.
frontlet an ornamental band, ribbon, or the like worn on the forehead; phylactery; frontal. [2 definitions]
front-load to assign the bulk of the expense or benefit of a financial process to its early stages. [2 definitions]
front money money that is paid in advance, esp. to start a project.
front office the administrative office of a company or organization, or its executive officers or management.
fronton the game of jai alai or a building with a jai alai court.
front-page important enough to print or report on the first page of a newspaper.
front-runner one who leads in a competition, such as a runner in a footrace or a candidate for political office.
frontward toward the front. [2 definitions]
front-wheel drive a car design in which only the front wheels get driving power from the engine.
frost the act or process of freezing. [9 definitions]
frostbite damage to tissue of the body by freezing. [2 definitions]
frosted covered or tipped with ice crystals. [4 definitions]
frosting a very sweet covering or filling for cakes, pastries or the like, often made of sugar, butter, and flavorings; icing. [2 definitions]
frost line the limit past which frost does not penetrate the soil.
frosty causing or marked by frost; freezing. [4 definitions]