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fund-raiser one who appeals for donations or contributions for a particular cause, such as aiding a charity or political campaign. [2 definitions]
fund-raising the action or occupation of seeking donated funds for charitable groups, political candidates, and the like.
fundus in anatomy, the base of an organ or the part of the organ farthest from its opening.
funeral a ceremony for a dead person, sometimes including burial or cremation. [2 definitions]
funeral director one who is in charge of a funeral home; undertaker; mortician.
funeral home an establishment where the bodies of the dead are made ready for burial or cremation and where funeral services are sometimes held.
funereal gloomy; solemn; mournful. [2 definitions]
fungi a plural form of fungus.
fungible of goods, being of a kind or quality that allows for free exchange with an equal part or quantity of similar goods. [3 definitions]
fungicide a chemical agent or treatment used to kill fungi.
fungo in baseball practice sessions, a ball tossed into the air by the batter to be hit to a fielder as it comes back down.
fungoid characteristic of or similar to a fungus. [2 definitions]
fungous of, resembling, or caused by a fungus.
fungus any organism, including mushrooms, yeasts, molds, rusts, and others, characterized by lack of chlorophyll and by subsistence on organic matter. [2 definitions]
funicular of or pertaining to a rope, cord, or the like, esp. to its tension. [4 definitions]
funk1 (informal) a state or mood of dejection; depression. [5 definitions]
funk2 music with an earthy feeling like that of the blues.
funky1 dejected; depressed. [2 definitions]
funky2 of music, having the earthy feeling of the blues.
funnel a conical utensil with a narrow tube at the small end, used to pour a liquid or other flowing substance into a container with a small opening. [4 definitions]
funny provoking amusement or laughter. [4 definitions]