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garner to accumulate, acquire, or receive in abundance. [3 definitions]
garnet any of several fairly common, hard silicate minerals that occur in various colors and are sometimes used as abrasives and gems. [2 definitions]
garnish to add a decoration or decorations to; adorn. [5 definitions]
garnishee to confiscate by legal order (a salary, bank account, property, or the like) to satisfy an unpaid debt; garnish. [3 definitions]
garnishment a legal notice directing someone not to dispose of a defendant's money or property until the court case involving the defendant is completed. [2 definitions]
garniture a decorative embellishment; trimming.
garpike a gar.
garret a room or apartment in an attic, esp. such a room that has a sloping roof. [2 definitions]
garrison a military force that is assigned to a fort, village, or the like. [4 definitions]
garrote any device used for strangulation, esp. a cord or wire. [5 definitions]
garrulous given to talking excessively. [2 definitions]
garter a circular elastic band used to hold up a stocking or shirt sleeve. [3 definitions]
garter belt a beltlike undergarment of cloth or elastic with four garters sewn to it, used by some women for holding up stockings.
garter snake any of numerous small harmless striped snakes common in North America.
gas matter that is neither liquid nor solid and expands or contracts rapidly and uniformly with temperature changes. [14 definitions]
gas burner the nozzle at the end of a gas fixture; gas jet.
gas chamber a sealed room in which prisoners are executed by means of poisonous gas.
gasconade extravagantly boastful talk; bravado. [2 definitions]
gaseous in the form of or resembling a gas. [2 definitions]
gas fitter a person who installs and repairs gas pipes and fixtures.
gash a long and deep cut, such as a wound. [2 definitions]