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gastric ulcer an open sore in the stomach lining, caused by the corrosive action of gastric juice.
gastritis an abnormal inflammation of the lining or other part of the stomach.
gastro- stomach.
gastroenteritis inflammation of the mucous membranes lining the stomach and intestines.
gastrointestinal of, concerning, or having an effect on the stomach and intestines.
gastronome a connoisseur of fine cuisine; gourmet.
gastronomy the study or practice of eating well.
gastropod any of a wide variety of mollusks, such as the snail or limpet, usu. having a large muscular organ for creeping. [2 definitions]
gastrovascular simultaneously serving both a digestive and a circulatory function.
gastrula an embryo in an early stage of development consisting of two saclike layers of cells that enclose a central cavity.
gasworks (used with a sing. verb) a plant at which gas is generated for use in heating and, esp. formerly, in lighting.
gate a part of a fence or wall that swings vertically or horizontally to close and open. [3 definitions]
gāteau a layer cake or pastry shell filled with custard, mousse, or the like. [2 definitions]
gate-crasher (informal) someone who attends a party, performance, or the like without being asked or buying a ticket.
gatefold in a book or magazine, an oversize page folded to fit the format and so bound that it can be opened out for viewing.
gatehouse a house built next to or over a gate, often used as a keeper's lodging. [2 definitions]
gatekeeper a person who supervises the passage of traffic through a gate.
gate-leg table a table with gatelike leg units that swing out from the frame to support hinged leaves.
gatepost an upright post on which a gate is hung by hinges or to which it is attached when closed.
gateway an opening or passageway that may be closed by means of a gate. [2 definitions]
gather to bring together into one place or assembly. [12 definitions]