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gaud a cheap, flashy ornament.
gaudy tastelessly or excessively ornamented or colored; flashy; garish.
gauge to make an estimate of or a judgment concerning; judge. [7 definitions]
Gaul an ancient region of Europe, now comprising France and parts of surrounding countries, or a comparable sector of the ancient Roman Empire. [2 definitions]
Gauleiter a leader in control of a Nazi district during World War II. [2 definitions]
gaunt exceptionally thin and bony. [2 definitions]
gauntlet1 a metal glove worn as part of a suit of armor. [2 definitions]
gauntlet2 a form of punishment, formerly used esp. by the military, in which two rows of people beat someone who was forced to run between them. [3 definitions]
gauss a unit of magnetic induction equal to one maxwell or line of magnetic flux per square centimeter.
gauze a thin, nearly transparent cloth or other material with a loose or open weave. [2 definitions]
gauze pad a piece of thin, cotton, woven material that is used to cover a wound.
gauzy thin, light, and transparent; gauzelike.
gavage forced feeding using a tube to introduce food into the stomach.
gave past tense of give.
gavel a small hammer, usu. wooden, used by a judge or someone presiding over a meeting or auction to get attention, call for order, or signal a sale.
gavial a large crocodilian reptile, found in India and Indonesia, that has a long narrow snout.
gavotte a dance, formerly popular esp. in early modern France, similar to but faster than a minuet. [2 definitions]
gawk to look at someone or something fixedly and idiotically; gape. [2 definitions]
gawky ungainly; awkward; clumsy.
gay of or in a happy, joyous mood; festive; merry. [4 definitions]
gayety variant of gaiety.