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gauzy thin, light, and transparent; gauzelike.
gavage forced feeding using a tube to introduce food into the stomach.
gave past tense of give.
gavel a small hammer, usu. wooden, used by a judge or someone presiding over a meeting or auction to get attention, call for order, or signal a sale.
gavial a large crocodilian reptile, found in India and Indonesia, that has a long narrow snout.
gavotte a dance, formerly popular esp. in early modern France, similar to but faster than a minuet. [2 definitions]
gawk to look at someone or something fixedly and somewhat dopily; gape. [2 definitions]
gawky ungainly; awkward; clumsy.
gay of or in a happy, joyous mood; festive; merry. [4 definitions]
gayety variant of gaiety.
gayly variant of gaily.
Gaza Strip a disputed area on the east coast of the Mediterranean that was occupied by Israel in 1967.
gaze to look intently. [2 definitions]
gazebo a small roofed structure, usu. round or polygonal and without sides, built in a garden, on a hill, or the like for relaxing or picnicking.
gazelle any of several graceful African and Asian antelopes with ringed, slightly curved horns.
gazette a newspaper or other journal.
gazetteer a dictionary of geographical names.
gazpacho a cold soup made by mixing finely chopped raw tomatoes, sweet peppers, onions, garlic, and flavorings.
G.B. abbreviation of "Great Britain," the main island of the United Kingdom, off the coast of France, occupied by England, Scotland, and Wales, and including some adjacent islands. (Cf. United Kingdom.)
G clef the treble clef.
Gd symbol of the chemical element gadolinium.