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-genesis production; origin.
genesis the beginning or origin of something. [2 definitions]
genet any of several carnivorous mammals related to the civet, with yellowish or grayish fur, dark spots, and a long ringed tail. [2 definitions]
genetic of or concerning the science of heredity. [3 definitions]
genetic code the rules governing the order in which amino acids are added to a nascent protein as it is being synthesized according to the order of nucleotides in DNA and RNA molecules.
genetic drift evolutionary change because of mutations that result from random changes in gene frequency in a small population and that become established in that population.
genetic engineering the science or practice of altering the genetic code transmitted by living organisms by splicing and recombining specific genetic units from their DNA.
genetics (used with a sing. verb) the science of heredity, esp. of the influence of genes on the appearance, development, and evolution of organisms. [2 definitions]
Geneva Convention one of a number of international agreements, first made in Geneva, Switzerland in 1864, establishing rules for the care of the dead and wounded and the humane treatment of prisoners of war.
Genghis Khan a Mongol leader of armies that conquered much of Asia and part of eastern Europe (b.1162?--d.1227).
genial cheerfully friendly. [2 definitions]
-genic generating; forming; producing. [3 definitions]
genie in Islamic mythology, a usu. impish supernatural being, often in human form, that will do one's bidding, esp. grant one's wishes; jinn; jinni.
genital of or concerning reproduction or the sexual reproductive organs, esp. the external ones.
genitalia the organs involved in sexual reproduction, esp. the external ones.
genitals the organs of reproduction, esp. the external ones.
genitive of, relating to, or denoting a grammatical case that usu. indicates possession, source, or other such relationship. [3 definitions]
genitourinary of or concerning the organs of sexual reproduction and urination.
genius extraordinary power of intellect, esp. as shown in artistic or scientific work. [5 definitions]
genocide the intentional attempt to exterminate all members of a certain race, nationality, or ethnic group.
genome a complete, single set of chromosomes.