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Geneva Convention one of a number of international agreements, first made in Geneva, Switzerland in 1864, establishing rules for the care of the dead and wounded and the humane treatment of prisoners of war.
Genghis Khan a Mongol leader of armies that conquered much of Asia and part of eastern Europe (b.1162?--d.1227).
genial cheerfully friendly. [2 definitions]
-genic generating; forming; producing. [3 definitions]
genie in Islamic mythology, a usu. impish supernatural being, often in human form, that will do one's bidding, esp. grant one's wishes; jinn; jinni.
genital of or concerning reproduction or the sexual reproductive organs, esp. the external ones.
genitalia the organs involved in sexual reproduction, esp. the external ones.
genitals the organs of reproduction, esp. the external ones.
genitive of, relating to, or denoting a grammatical case that usu. indicates possession, source, or other such relationship. [3 definitions]
genitourinary of or concerning the organs of sexual reproduction and urination.
genius extraordinary power of intellect, esp. as shown in artistic or scientific work. [5 definitions]
genocide the intentional attempt to exterminate all members of a certain race, nationality, or ethnic group.
genome a complete, single set of chromosomes.
genotype the genetic makeup of a living creature. (Cf. phenotype.) [2 definitions]
-genous generating; yielding; producing. [2 definitions]
genre a particular type, sort, or category. [3 definitions]
genre painting a kind of painting in which everyday subjects or scenes are treated realistically.
gens in ancient Rome, a patrilineal clan having a common name and worshiping a common ancestor. [2 definitions]
gent (informal) a man; gentleman.
genteel displaying traits such as refinement and politeness that are traditionally associated with wealth and education. [2 definitions]
gentian any of a large variety of European and American plants that bear colorful, usu. blue or yellow flowers. [2 definitions]