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geotropism movement or growth of a living organism in response to gravity, such as the downward growth of plant roots.
gephyrophobia an abnormal fear of crossing bridges.
ger. abbreviation of "gerund," in English, a form derived from a verb by the addition of the suffix "-ing" that functions as a noun.
geranium any of various garden plants that have roundish divided leaves and bear showy clusters of red, pink, or white blossoms.
gerbil any of a variety of small African and Asian burrowing rodents often kept as pets.
gerfalcon variant of gyrfalcon.
geriatric of or concerning geriatrics. [2 definitions]
geriatrics (used with a sing. verb) the science concerned with the medical problems that tend to occur in old age. [2 definitions]
germ a microscopic organism, esp. a bacterium or virus that causes illness; pathogen. [3 definitions]
German of or pertaining to Germany or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
german having the same parents (usu. used in combination). [2 definitions]
German Democratic Republic see "East Germany."
germander any of various herbs of Europe and America, usu. aromatic and with spikes of reddish or purplish flowers.
germane having relevance to a given matter; pertinent; significant.
Germanic of or pertaining to the Teutons; Teutonic. [3 definitions]
germanium a tetravalent metal chemical element that has thirty-two protons in each nucleus and occurs naturally as a contaminant of coal, but can be purified for use in transistors and as a component of high-quality optical glass. (symbol: Ge)
Germanize to become or cause to become German in character, language, attitude, or the like.
German measles a mild contagious viral disease, characterized by swollen glands, fever, and a rash, and dangerous to fetuses in the first three months of pregnancy.
German shepherd one of a breed of large dogs having a thick brownish or black coat, often used as guard dogs and as guide dogs for the blind; Alsatian.
German silver any of several alloys of copper, zinc, and nickel used for utensils, drawing instruments, and the like; nickel silver.
Germany a central European country, reunited in 1990, bordered by the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Poland.