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giraffe a spotted, cud-chewing, four-footed African mammal with exceptionally long legs and neck.
gird to surround, bind, or encircle, as with a belt. [3 definitions]
girder a heavy beam, usu. made of steel or wood, that serves as a horizontal support in a bridge or building.
girdle an undergarment worn chiefly by women to support and shape the hips, abdomen, and buttocks. [7 definitions]
girl a female child or adolescent. [3 definitions]
girl Friday a female employee, aide, or assistant who faithfully attends to a variety of tasks.
girlfriend (informal) a female with whom one has a romantic relationship. [2 definitions]
girlhood the state or period of being a girl.
girlie (informal) featuring or depicting nude or nearly nude young women, esp. in a tasteless way.
girlish of, like, pertaining to, or suitable for girls.
Girl Scout a member of a U.S. youth organization for girls.
girt a past tense and past participle of gird.
girth the length around something, esp. the waist or abdomen; circumference. [4 definitions]
gismo variant of gizmo.
gist the essential part or idea, as of an argument or written work. [2 definitions]
git1 a spelling of the word "get" that represents a pronunciation primarily associated with the southern and western U.S. [2 definitions]
git2 (chiefly British; informal) an annoying or despicable person.
Gitega the capital of Burundi.
gittern a cittern.
give to bestow or present. [14 definitions]
give a damn (informal) to care more than a little; be concerned.