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G-man an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation; government man.
GMO abbreviation of "genetically modified organism."
gnarl a knotty bulge on a tree. [2 definitions]
gnarled bent and twisted, as a tree's branches or trunk. [2 definitions]
gnash to grind (the teeth) together. [3 definitions]
gnat any of numerous very small flying insects, some of which bite or sting.
gnaw to bite or chew repeatedly on. [6 definitions]
gnawing (often pl.) a dull and persistent pain; pang.
gneiss a metamorphic rock made up of minerals similar to those in granite but arranged in bands that differ in color, some bands containing feldspar and quartz and others containing hornblende and mica.
GNMA abbreviation of "Government National Mortgage Association," a Federal agency that buys mortgages in quantity from lenders and then, by offering securities to the public, sells interests in them; Ginnie Mae.
gnocchi small dumplings made from flour, semolina, or potatoes, usu. served with a sauce or with grated cheese.
gnome1 one of a group of little old men of folklore and fairy tales who live inside the earth and guard precious treasure. [2 definitions]
gnome2 a short, pithy, wise saying; aphorism.
gnomic short and pithy, as an aphorism.
gnomon the column on a sundial that casts a shadow and thus indicates the time of day.
-gnomy the art or science of knowing or interpreting.
-gnosis knowledge.
gnosis spiritual knowledge. (See Gnosticism.)
gnostic of, pertaining to, or having knowledge, esp. spiritual understanding. [3 definitions]
Gnosticism an early Christian religious movement whose adherents believed in salvation through gnosis, in the evil nature of the material world, and in the incorporeality of Jesus Christ, and that was condemned as a heresy by the Church Fathers.
GNP abbreviation of "gross national product," the total market or monetary value of all the goods and services that a nation produces, usu. in one year.