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golden rule a rule of conduct that is usu. phrased "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".
goldenseal a North American woodland plant of the buttercup family, having large round leaves and a thick yellow rootstock and bearing small greenish white flowers. [2 definitions]
golden section in mathematics and the fine arts, a relationship between two dimensions of a plane figure, or two segments of a line, such that the ratio of the smaller to the larger is the same as that of the larger to the sum of the two, or about .62 to 1.00.
golden wedding a fiftieth wedding anniversary.
gold-filled made of a base metal with an outer layer of gold.
gold-finch any of several small North American birds, the males of which are yellow with black wings, tail, and forehead. [2 definitions]
goldfinch a small finch with yellow and black markings, found in North America, Europe, and Asia.
goldfish a small, usu. orange or yellow freshwater fish bred in numerous varieties and often kept in ponds or aquariums.
gold foil gold that has been beaten into thin sheets, slightly thicker than gold leaf.
goldilocks (used with a sing. verb) (cap.) in a European folk tale, a young girl with blond hair who visits the house of three bears. [3 definitions]
gold leaf gold rolled or beaten into extremely thin sheets, used esp. for gilding.
gold medal the award for winning first place in an Olympic or other competition, with silver and bronze medals going to second and third place winners.
gold mine a place where gold ore is mined. [2 definitions]
gold plate tableware or containers made of or plated with gold. [2 definitions]
gold-plate to cover with a layer of gold or electroplate with gold.
gold rush a sudden, hasty rush of people to an area where gold has been recently discovered.
goldsmith one who makes or sells objects of gold.
gold standard a monetary system in which a set amount of gold is established as the measure of the value of the currency.
gold star a small golden star displayed as a sign that someone in one's family or organization has been killed in war. [2 definitions]
golem in Jewish folklore, a man-made and humanlike figure brought to life by supernatural, occult forces.
golf a game in which a small white ball is hit with various special clubs into each of a series of holes, usu. nine or eighteen, spaced far apart over an outdoor course, the object being to do so with as few strokes as possible. [2 definitions]