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good-sized fairly large; ample.
good-tempered having a good temper; not easily angered or irritated; amiable; good-natured.
good turn a helpful act; favor.
good will an attitude of friendliness or kindness; benevolence. [3 definitions]
goody (informal; usu. pl.) something that is very pleasing, delightful, or desirable, esp. something sweet or delicious to eat. [2 definitions]
goody-goody a person who is or pretends to be exceedingly good or virtuous, esp. in order to impress others. [2 definitions]
gooey (informal) resembling or covered with goo; gluey; sticky; muddy. [2 definitions]
goof (informal) a foolish mistake; blunder. [4 definitions]
goof around to amuse oneself, esp. by doing silly or frivolous things.
go off to be activated to explode or emit a sound. [3 definitions]
go off on a tangent to switch suddenly from a main topic or course of action to another that is irrelevant.
goof-off (informal) someone who habitually wastes time or avoids responsibility; shirker.
goof off to waste time, pass time idly, or avoid doing one's work
goofy (informal) typical of a goof; silly, stupid, or foolish.
Google a U.S. corporation that developed a popular and distinctive Internet search engine. [3 definitions]
gook1 (informal) dirt, slime, grime, or sludge. [2 definitions]
gook2 (derogatory slang) a non-white person, esp. one of East Asia.
goon (informal) someone hired to frighten, harm, or kill an adversary; hoodlum; thug.
go on to continue. [6 definitions]
gooney bird (informal) an albatross.
go on record to make an official or formal statement of one's position.