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goose a wild or domesticated water bird that resembles a duck but is usu. larger and has a longer neck and legs and a more pointed bill. [6 definitions]
gooseberry an edible green berry that grows on a prickly shrub related to the currant. [3 definitions]
goose bump roughness of the skin that looks like the skin of a plucked goose. Goose bumps last only for a short while and are caused by cold or fear.
goose flesh a temporary, roughened condition of the skin in which the papillae become erect as a result of fear, surprise, cold, or the like; goose bumps; goose pimples.
goosefoot any of various weedy plants that bear small green flowers.
goose grease the melted fat of a goose.
gooseneck a slender object or part that curves like the neck of a goose, such as flexible metal pipe or the flexible stems of certain lamps.
goose pimple a small bump on the skin caused by cold or fear.
goose step a marching step in which the legs are swung high and the knees kept stiff and straight.
go out to exit; leave a place temporarily. [6 definitions]
go over to review, discuss, or consider (something). [2 definitions]
go overboard to do far too much out of excessive enthusiasm or anxiety; go to extremes.
go over with a fine-tooth comb to scrutinize in minute detail and with great care.
GOP abbreviation of "Grand Old Party," an alternative term for the Republican Party.
gopher a short-tailed burrowing rodent of North and Central America that has external cheek pouches; pocket gopher. [2 definitions]
Gordian knot in Greek legend, a knot tied by King Gordius of Phrygia and cut by Alexander the Great, after an oracle had said it could be untied only by the next ruler of Asia. [2 definitions]
Gordon Hirabayashi an American of Japanese descent who, during World War II, was one of only a few Japanese-Americans to openly defy the relocation orders of the U.S. Government. He challenged the constitutionality of the application of curfews for minority groups, and his case eventually went to the Supreme Court, where he was unanimously ruled against in Hirabayashi v. United States in 1943 (b.1918--2012).
Gordon setter any of a Scottish breed of medium-sized hunting dog having a soft, silky black and tan coat.
gore1 blood, esp. clotted blood that has issued from a wound.
gore2 to injure by stabbing with a horn, antler, tusk, or the like.
gore3 a triangular or narrowing panel of cloth sewn into a dress, sail, or the like to increase its fullness.