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grand- one generation away.
grandam a grandmother. [2 definitions]
Grand Army of the Republic an organization founded in 1866 by men who had served in the Union Army or Navy during the U.S. Civil War.
grandaunt see "great-aunt."
Grand Canyon a long deep gorge of the Colorado River in northwestern Arizona.
grandchild a child of one's child.
granddad (informal) a grandfather.
granddaughter a female child of one's child.
grand duchess the wife or widow of a grand duke. [3 definitions]
grand duchy a territory or country ruled by a grand duke or duchess.
grand duke a man who rules a grand duchy. [2 definitions]
grande dame (French) a grand or great lady, esp. one of advanced age; lady of aristocratic manner.
grandee a Spanish or Portuguese nobleman of the highest rank. [2 definitions]
grandeur the quality of being majestic, splendid, or grand.
grandfather the male parent of one's parent. [3 definitions]
grandfather clause a clause in certain laws, agreements, or the like that exempts from a control or restriction those already engaged in an act that the new law now forbids. [2 definitions]
grandfather clock a pendulum clock in a tall, narrow cabinet.
grandfatherly of or concerning a grandfather or grandfathers. [2 definitions]
grandiloquence speech that is pretentious, pompous, or excessively mannered.
grandiloquent speaking or expressed in a pretentious, pompous, or excessively ornate fashion.
grandiose pretentious, pompous, or ridiculously grand. [2 definitions]