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grandiose pretentious, pompous, or ridiculously grand. [2 definitions]
grandioso in a grand, majestic style (used as a musical direction).
grand jury a jury of twelve to thirty-three citizens who are gathered to determine whether there is enough evidence against accused persons to indict them and bring them to trial.
Grand Lama see Dalai Lama.
grand larceny the theft of goods or property exceeding a certain amount of money set by law. (Cf. petty larceny.)
grandma (informal) the female parent of one's parent; grandmother.
grand mal a kind of epilepsy characterized by convulsions and loss of consciousness. (Cf. petit mal).
Grand Master the head of a military or fraternal order. [2 definitions]
grandmother the female parent of one's parent. [2 definitions]
grandmotherly of or concerning a grandmother or grandmothers. [2 definitions]
grandnephew a son of one's niece or nephew; great-nephew.
grandniece a daughter of one's niece or nephew; great-niece.
grand opera a usu. serious opera that has the entire text set to music.
grandpa (informal) the male parent of one's parent; grandfather.
grandparent the father or mother of one's parent.
grand piano the largest of pianos, usu. supported on three legs and having a large harp-shaped case in which the strings are strung horizontally.
Grand Prix (sometimes l.c.) any of several automobile races over a long, difficult course, esp. an international one using the same course each year.
grand slam in bridge, the taking of all thirteen tricks by the bidder. (Cf. little slam.) [4 definitions]
grandson the male child of one's child.
grandstand the rows of seats for spectators at a sports stadium, racetrack, or the like; often, a roofed section of the stands. [5 definitions]
grand tour an extended tour of Europe, esp. continental Europe, formerly taken as the culmination and completion of study by young, wealthy, often aristocratic men of England or America. [2 definitions]