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Grand Master the head of a military or fraternal order. [2 definitions]
grandmother the female parent of one's parent. [2 definitions]
grandmotherly of or concerning a grandmother or grandmothers. [2 definitions]
grandnephew a son of one's niece or nephew; great-nephew.
grandniece a daughter of one's niece or nephew; great-niece.
grand opera a usu. serious opera that has the entire text set to music.
grandpa (informal) the male parent of one's parent; grandfather.
grandparent the father or mother of one's parent.
grand piano the largest of pianos, usu. supported on three legs and having a large harp-shaped case in which the strings are strung horizontally.
Grand Prix (sometimes l.c.) any of several automobile races over a long, difficult course, esp. an international one using the same course each year.
grand slam in bridge, the taking of all thirteen tricks by the bidder. (Cf. little slam.) [4 definitions]
grandson the male child of one's child.
grandstand the rows of seats for spectators at a sports stadium, racetrack, or the like; often, a roofed section of the stands. [5 definitions]
grand tour an extended tour of Europe, esp. continental Europe, formerly taken as the culmination and completion of study by young, wealthy, often aristocratic men of England or America. [2 definitions]
granduncle see great-uncle.
grange (cap.) an American organization for farmers. [3 definitions]
granger a farmer. [2 definitions]
graniferous grain-bearing.
granite a coarse-grained igneous rock usu. composed of silica-rich minerals such as quartz, feldspar, and small amounts of mica or amphibole, commonly used for building, sculpture, and the like. [2 definitions]
graniteware a variety of household ironware with a hard gray enamel coating that resembles granite. [3 definitions]
granivorous eating grains and seeds.