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graywater wastewater from sinks, showers, bathtubs, and washing machines, esp. when such water is recycled as for use in gardening or for flushing toilets.
gray whale a medium-sized mostly gray or black whalebone whale of the North Pacific.
gray wolf a large grayish wolf that hunts in packs, formerly common in North America; timber wolf.
graze1 to feed on growing grass and herbage, as cattle and horses. [4 definitions]
graze2 to touch or brush lightly in passing. [5 definitions]
grazing land on which to graze; pasture. [2 definitions]
grazioso in a graceful, elegant manner (used as a musical direction).
GRE abbreviation of "Graduate Record Examination."
grease a semisolid oily substance, often used as a lubricant. [4 definitions]
grease cup a lubricant container mounted over a bearing.
greaseless combined form of grease.
grease monkey (slang) a mechanic, esp. one who works on cars or airplanes.
grease paint theatrical makeup that is a mixture of grease and a pigment, used by clowns, stage actors, and the like.
grease pencil a pencil made of compressed grease mixed with pigment, usu. wrapped in paper that unwinds in a spiral to expose the tip, used esp. to write on slick surfaces.
greaser one that greases. [3 definitions]
grease someone's palm (informal) to give money to someone, usu. as a bribe.
greasewood a thorny shrub native to western North America that contains a small amount of oil and is often used for fuel. [2 definitions]
greasy covered with grease, as clothes or machine parts. [3 definitions]
great very large in size or number. [7 definitions]
great- one generation away.
great anteater see ant bear.