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GRE abbreviation of "Graduate Record Examination."
grease a semisolid oily substance, often used as a lubricant. [4 definitions]
grease cup a lubricant container mounted over a bearing.
greaseless combined form of grease.
grease monkey (slang) a mechanic, esp. one who works on cars or airplanes.
grease paint theatrical makeup that is a mixture of grease and a pigment, used by clowns, stage actors, and the like.
grease pencil a pencil made of compressed grease mixed with pigment, usu. wrapped in paper that unwinds in a spiral to expose the tip, used esp. to write on slick surfaces.
greaser one that greases. [3 definitions]
grease someone's palm (informal) to give money to someone, usu. as a bribe.
greasewood a thorny shrub native to western North America that contains a small amount of oil and is often used for fuel. [2 definitions]
greasy covered with grease, as clothes or machine parts. [3 definitions]
great very large in size or number. [7 definitions]
great- one generation away.
great anteater see ant bear.
great ape any of the family of apes that most closely resemble man in anatomy, such as the gorilla, chimpanzee, and orangutan.
great auk a large flightless North Atlantic auk that became extinct in the mid-nineteenth century.
great-aunt a sister of one's grandmother or grandfather; grandaunt.
Great Bear the constellation Ursa Major.
Great Britain the main island of the United Kingdom, off the coast of France, occupied by England, Scotland, and Wales, and including some adjacent islands. (Cf. United Kingdom.)
great calorie see calorie.
great circle a circle on a sphere that is in a plane passing through the center of the sphere. [2 definitions]