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green monkey any of several small, ground-dwelling West African monkeys whose gray hair has a greenish tinge.
green onion a variety of onion that is picked while very young, has a long green stem, and is often eaten raw; scallion.
green pepper the fruit of the bell or sweet pepper before it turns red. [2 definitions]
greenroom a lounge or waiting room provided in some theaters and concert halls for actors or musicians when they are offstage.
greens fee the charge for playing on a golf course.
green snake any of several small greenish nonpoisonous North American snakes.
green-stick fracture a type of fracture to which children are esp. vulnerable, in which a long bone breaks only partway through.
greensward turf on which green grass is growing.
green tea tea made from leaves that were not allowed to ferment before being heated.
green thumb an ability to make plants grow and prosper.
green turtle a large marine turtle, common in warmer waters, whose flesh is often used to make turtle soup or other dishes.
Greenwich a borough of London, England, through which the prime meridian passes.
Greenwich time the solar time that is determined at the prime meridian through Greenwich, England, and that is used to calculate and regulate time throughout most of the world; Greenwich mean time.
greenwood a woodland that is lush with green foliage.
greet to meet or address with friendly or respectful words. [3 definitions]
greeting words or gestures used to greet or to convey a message of friendliness or respect. [2 definitions]
greeting card a card that is imprinted with a design or picture and often a verse, sent on a holiday or special occasion to a friend, relative, or the like.
gregarious fond of socializing with others; sociable. [2 definitions]
Gregorian calendar the calendar introduced by Gregory XIII in 1582, succeeding the Julian calendar, and presently in use in most of the world.
Gregorian chant the monophonic plainsong formerly widely used in Roman Catholic ritual.
Gregor Johann Mendel an Austrian monk and botanist who founded genetics (b.1822--d.1884).