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greeting words or gestures used to greet or to convey a message of friendliness or respect. [2 definitions]
greeting card a card that is imprinted with a design or picture and often a verse, sent on a holiday or special occasion to a friend, relative, or the like.
gregarious fond of socializing with others; sociable. [2 definitions]
Gregorian calendar the calendar introduced by Gregory XIII in 1582, succeeding the Julian calendar, and presently in use in most of the world.
Gregorian chant the monophonic plainsong formerly widely used in Roman Catholic ritual.
Gregor Johann Mendel an Austrian monk and botanist who founded genetics (b.1822--d.1884).
gremlin an imaginary mischief-maker on whom mechanical problems can be blamed.
Grenada an island country in the eastern West Indies north of Trinidad and Tobago.
grenade a small missile thrown or shot from a rifle-mounted launcher at a target after being primed to explode. [2 definitions]
grenadier formerly, an elite foot soldier or a soldier specializing in using grenades. [2 definitions]
grenadine1 a thin fabric worked in an open mesh weave.
grenadine2 a red syrup made from the juice of pomegranates or red currants and used in drinks.
Grenadines a large group of islands in the eastern Caribbean, some of which belong to Grenada and others to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
grew past tense of grow.
grey variant of gray.
greyhound a member of a breed of dog that has a narrow body and head, long legs, and speed in running.
gribble any of several small saltwater crustaceans that bore into wood underwater, often causing great damage.
grid a framework or grating of crisscrossed or parallel bars. [5 definitions]
grid bias the potential difference applied between the control grid of an electron tube and a cathode.
grid current the flow of electrons from the grid to the cathode of a vacuum tube.
griddle a flat pan or flat heated surface used in cooking. [2 definitions]