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grid a framework or grating of crisscrossed or parallel bars. [5 definitions]
grid bias the potential difference applied between the control grid of an electron tube and a cathode.
grid current the flow of electrons from the grid to the cathode of a vacuum tube.
griddle a flat pan or flat heated surface used in cooking. [2 definitions]
griddlecake a thin cake cooked on or as if on a griddle; pancake.
gridiron a flat framework of parallel or crisscrossed metal bars, used to support foods for broiling. [4 definitions]
gridlock a traffic jam in which congestion in a grid of streets blocks movement in all directions. [2 definitions]
grief intense sorrow or distress, esp. over a loss; anguish. [3 definitions]
grief-stricken suffering from much grief; sorrowing.
grievance an injustice considered a cause for complaint, or the complaint resulting from such an injustice.
grievance committee a committee empowered to settle grievances, as between labor and management, according to formal procedures established by prior agreement.
grieve to feel intense sorrow; mourn. [2 definitions]
grievous causing emotional or physical suffering; painful. [3 definitions]
griffin a mythical monster depicted in art with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion.
griffon a variant of griffin.
grift the act or process of swindling or cheating in order to obtain money or property. [4 definitions]
grifter a person who engages in a confidence game or a cheat in order to obtain money or property.
grigri a charm or fetish, usu. African or associated with voodoo.
grill a framework or grating of parallel metal bars used to support foods for broiling; gridiron. [7 definitions]
grille a grating, often of metal, used as a screen, barrier, or decoration over an opening such as a window or the ventilation area of an engine.
grilled cooked on a grill or gridiron.