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groschen formerly, the smaller monetary unit of Austria. (Cf. schilling.) [3 definitions]
gros de Londres (often l.c.) a lightweight ribbed silk fabric on which the ribs alternate between wide and narrow or between colors.
grosgrain a heavy material woven from silk or rayon and featuring crosswise or horizontal ribbing. [2 definitions]
gros point a large needlepoint stitch across two horizontal and two vertical threads. [2 definitions]
gross unmitigated or without qualifications such as deductions; total; absolute. (Cf. net2.) [9 definitions]
gross national product the total market or monetary value of all the goods and services that a nation produces, usu. in one year.
gross weight the entire weight of a package, shipment, or the like, including materials such as packaging.
grosz the smaller monetary unit of Poland. (Cf. zloty.)
grotesque unnatural, distorted, or ugly in character or appearance. [4 definitions]
grotto a cave or cavern, or an artificial construction or excavation resembling a cave.
grouch to express discontent and bad humor; grumble; sulk. [3 definitions]
grouchy tending to be irritable and complaining; bad-tempered.
ground1 the earth's solid surface; land. [13 definitions]
ground2 past tense and past participle of grind. [3 definitions]
ground ball in baseball, a batted ball that quickly strikes the ground and bounces or rolls; grounder. (Cf. fly ball.)
ground bass a repeated bass passage that provides a background for changing music in the upper registers.
ground beef beef that has been put through a grinder for use in such things as hamburgers, meatloaf, and meat sauces.
ground beetle any of numerous, usu. dark beetles that are often found under rocks, fallen logs, or debris and that feed on other insects.
groundbreaking a ceremonial commencement of a building or construction project, when the first ground is broken with a shovel. [2 definitions]
ground control the system, or its technology or operators, that guides the flights of aircraft or spacecraft from stations on the ground.
ground cover any of numerous low-growing plants that grow thickly and cover the ground, and often prevent soil erosion where there is little grass. [2 definitions]