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guenon any of several African monkeys that have long tails, long hind legs, and grayish hair, such as the green monkey or grivet.
Guernsey an island of the United Kingdom in the English Channel near the northwest tip of France; Isle of Guernsey. [2 definitions]
guerrilla one of an unofficial or loosely organized group of soldiers who stage unconventional or surprise attacks against an enemy.
guess to form an opinion of without enough evidence to be certain. [6 definitions]
guessable combined form of guess.
guesswork the process of arriving at an answer through making guesses or conjectures.
guest a person who is hosted by another; one who receives hospitality from another. [2 definitions]
guest of honor a person attending an event, such as a dinner, put on in his or her honor. [2 definitions]
guff foolish talk; nonsense. [2 definitions]
guffaw a burst of loud or boisterous laughter. [2 definitions]
Guglielmo Marconi an Italian physicist who invented wireless telegraphy (b.1874--d.1937).
guidance the act of guiding. [3 definitions]
guide to direct along an unfamiliar course. [11 definitions]
guidebook a book that offers travel or tourist information, maps, and the like.
guided missile a missile that is capable of being guided throughout its flight until arrival at its target. (See ballistic missile.)
guide dog a specially trained dog used by a blind person as an aid and companion; seeing-eye dog.
guideline (often pl.) an indicator of a procedure or course to be followed.
guidepost a sign along a road showing direction or distance. [2 definitions]
Guides a world-wide organization for girls that teaches practical skills and independence (prec. by the).
guideway a channel or groove that defines the path for something moving through it. [2 definitions]
guide word a word printed at the top of the page in a reference book, usu. to indicate the first or last entry on that page; catchword.