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guilt the fact of having committed a crime, misdeed, or other offense. [2 definitions]
guiltless without guilt; sinless; innocent.
guilty characterized by or feeling guilt or regret. [2 definitions]
Guinea a country on the Atlantic coast of Africa between Senegal and the Ivory Coast.
guinea a monetary unit of the United Kingdom, currently used only in limited circumstances, equaling twenty-one shillings, or 105 pence. [3 definitions]
Guinea-Bissau a country on the Atlantic coast of Africa between Guinea and Senegal.
Guinea corn any of several types of grain sorghum, esp. durra.
guinea fowl any of several pheasantlike birds native to Africa, esp. one with black feathers and white spots that is raised domestically for its eggs and flesh.
guinea hen a female guinea fowl. [2 definitions]
guinea pig a small, tailless rodent, often domesticated as a pet or used in scientific experiments. [2 definitions]
Guinea worm a long thin parasitic nematode worm of tropical Africa and Asia that lives under the skin of humans and other mammals.
Guinevere in Arthurian legend, the wife of King Arthur and secret lover of Lancelot.
Guinness Book of World Records a book published yearly since 1955 compiling thousands of world records including both human achievements and natural phenomena.
guise external appearance or semblance, esp. if deceptive. [2 definitions]
guitar a stringed musical instrument with a large soundbox, a long fretted neck, and five, six, or twelve strings that are strummed or plucked. [2 definitions]
guitarfish any of several sharklike ocean fish that are related to skates and rays and are shaped like a guitar.
guitarist a person who plays the guitar, esp. as a performer.
gulag a Soviet forced labor camp, as for political prisoners. [2 definitions]
gulch a stony ravine with steep sides, esp. one having a seasonal stream running through it.
gulden the chief currency of Netherlands Antilles and, formerly, the chief currency of the Netherlands; guilder.
gules the color red in heraldic arms, indicated in an engraving by vertical lines.